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  • How values-driven branding supports conservation efforts in the Great Bear Rainforest

    A Brand Values Case Study with Norm Hann Expeditions As a leader in the industry, Norm Hann Expeditions (NHE) offers guided wilderness standup paddle adventures along the British Columbia coastlines to foster connection and protect, preserve, and respect the land, people, and the oceans of Canada’s West Coast. Challenge: Create Brand Consistency After years in the SUP business, Norm was working on growing his team of paddle guides and building a prominent presence in the coastal water sports industry when he approached Tortuga Creative Studios in 2021. Although Norm Hann Expeditions was experiencing amazing growth and popularity, it lacked a strong, cohesive brand identity and Norm was seeing the effects of this problem trickle throughout his business. Norm had tried to bring his branding together and put it under one umbrella brand guide that everyone on his team –including himself– could use moving forward, but it just wasn’t working. When Norm approached us, he was dealing with the ripple effects that flow from branding inconsistency and desperately needed a strong brand foundation to combat these issues. Norm’s values and purpose were floating beneath the surface, but they hadn’t yet been woven throughout everything he was doing within the Norm Hann Expeditions brand, but we knew we could help. Strategy: Build Strong Brand Foundations Norm’s brand is built on the deep ties he has with the British Columbia Coastlines and the indigenous people that call it home. With both his indigenous connections and his participation in bringing awareness to the environmental threats present along the coastline through adventure paddle expeditions, we knew going into the project that Norm had a very purpose-driven backstory that would easily flow into his overall brand foundations, including his brand values. After signing up for a full brand field guide package with us, we dove deep into the research necessary to build out Norm Hann Expeditions’ brand foundations. We quickly discovered that Norm ran a very values-driven company but hadn’t yet fully realized the potential of these values and how deeply they can be woven into the NHE brand. Even though Norm’s values were there, and they significantly influenced his overall brand purpose, he still lacked a consistent, easy-to-use brand identity which trickled into the brand issues he faced when he first approached Tortuga. To get his brand back on solid ground, we decided to really dial into his brand values and bring them front and center. If you want to learn more about brand values and why they are important for outdoor businesses, read this post all about them! Repositioning Norm Hann Expeditions Using Brand Values To better reposition Norm Hann Expeditions as the one-of-a-kind, purpose-driven company that they are, we started by really diving deep into the core values that were critical to the company. After establishing his core brand values, Norm brought about the incredible idea to tie the spirit animals from the Great Bear Rainforest and British Columbian coastlines directly into his core brand values. Not only do these spirit animals correspond perfectly with Norm’s values, but they also give a symbolic meaning to the deep connection he has with the coast and coastal communities. Salmon: Connection - Seek deeper relationships with the wilderness and people to promote growth and transformation. Raven: Culture - Create meaningful experiences that build empathy and respect with the indigenous community that stewards the coastlines. Spirit Bear: Conservation - Educate and protect wild coastlines. Wolf: Guidance - Lead, teach, and guide others towards confidence and growth. Bald Eagle: Growth - Provide opportunities for growth through paddle adventures. We knew he felt a strong connection between the places he loves and the values that drive him as a person and the values that drive his company and felt this approach was appropriate, memorable, and impactful for his brand, his team, and his customers. With Norm’s brand values firmly in place, we built a rock-solid brand foundation that he now uses internally with his team to create a cohesive and consistent brand that personifies the Norm Hann Expedition’s company culture. Result: Decisions Influenced by Brand Values Brand values are the fundamental beliefs that guide a company’s brand story, behaviour, actions, and decision-making process. For Norm Hann Expeditions, we were able to see these beliefs come out to the forefront with a simple yet deceptively impactful decision to start using stampcards. Norm wanted to offer a five-stamp punchcard for his customers to use as an incentive for repeat paddle adventures and to get them more involved and connected with the wild coastline of BC. When he approached us with the idea of a punchcard, we thought about how we could tie this tiny piece of his business, this tiny card, into his brand values and his higher purpose. After brainstorming, we decided to bring his big brand values to the front and center on this tiny punchcard. Each stamp or “punch” on the card would correspond with his five spirit animals/brand values. Additionally, each card would highlight the spirit animal and its corresponding brand value with further information on the card to learn more. This decision opened up the opportunity for Norm and his team to display their values on a daily basis and initiate meaningful conversations with customers about the company’s values. As brand strategists and designers, it was revolutionary to be able to highlight the often hidden elements of a brand (in this case, brand values) and not only make it a conversation piece but something Norm could be proud of. To take this brand values case study one step further, we had to think about implementing these punchcards into Norm’s business without compromising his core value of conservation (Spirit Bear). Due to his strong connection with the Great Bear Rainforest, an old-growth forest in BC, we wanted to steer clear of using tree-printed paper since its production necessitates the logging of trees. We also wanted to avoid using standard ink as it often contains chemicals that leach poison into the waterways and oceans that Norm works hard to protect. The solution was to use cotton paper and plant-based ink for the punchcards and stamps, making them easily compostable for Norm’s customers at the end of their life cycle! From a values-based perspective, the decision to use environmentally friendly punchcards supported Norm’s purpose of protecting, conserving, and increasing awareness around these wild coastlines and the Great Bear Rainforest. Conclusion of Creating Strong Brand Values With his new branding, Norm has seen firsthand how the seemingly, small business decisions he makes daily can be influenced by his values to serve his higher purpose. We LOVE that by highlighting and making Norm’s values so central to his strategy, every decision he makes moving forward has sustainability and purpose top of mind. In addition to solidifying his brand foundations, Norm was able to share his Norm Hann Brand Field Guide (made by Tortuga) with his team to achieve consistency, clarity, and alignment in the company’s overall branding. Now, Norm and his team can make decisions that align with Norm Hann Expedition’s values and purpose and move the company towards sustainable success. "Before working with Tortuga Creative Studio, there were loose ends with my brand. My business had grown and I needed to bring everything together so our messaging was consistent. My partnership with Tortuga has laid out an effective brand strategy, field guide, and messaging for my business, and helped me find clarity in our brand. The work we did together and accomplished was invaluable to where our brand has come from, where we are at now, and where we are headed in the future.” Norm Hann, Norm Hann Expeditions Want to learn more about how we can help your outdoor business? Contact us today and let’s get started!

  • Why really strong brand values are important for your outdoor business

    If you want to achieve those big business goals you’ve set, you need to deep dive below the surface of your business. When you put the time into understanding your brand, you’ll have more clarity in which direction you want to go and the confidence to build a solid strategy that gets you to your final destination. However, before you even set off on your voyage, it’s essential to have a rock-solid brand foundation. We’ve talked about why your brand purpose matters, and we’ve explained the difference between your brand vision and your brand mission – but today, we want to talk about one of our favourite pieces of a brand foundation: your brand values. Behind every successful purpose-driven outdoor business are strong brand values that ensure everyone on your team (including you!) shares a higher purpose and works towards a common goal. Those core brand values are essential if you want to create a sustainable business that actually achieves the business goals and brand visions you’ve set. Imagine a captain trying to navigate his schooner towards the ultimate treasure, but the treasure map in question contains unclear landmarks or weak navigational points that cause mayhem for both his crew and himself. Without clear directions, that pirate ship will never reach its destination, much like a business without solid values. Because your brand values are integral to the direction you want to take your outdoor business –and without them, your business will flounder. Like your brand vision, brand mission, and brand purpose, your brand values are the fourth and final element that make up your Brand’s Foundational Compass. And today, we want to focus on and explain your brand values, how they tie into your brand purpose, and why having core values help your purpose-driven outdoor business achieve sustainable success. What Are Your Brand Values? Your brand values are what you stand for as a human being and a business owner. They are the fundamental beliefs that guide your brand story, behaviour, actions, and, ultimately, the decision-making process. In simple terms, they are the reason your brand exists. A question to help you establish your brand values is: WHAT values motivate your brand? As you ponder this question, think beyond the values that should come standard with every business (such as integrity) and find ones unique to you. Remember that, unlike other branding elements, your brand values should never change, no matter what business situation you’re in. Think of your brand values as your treasure map when you need guidance in sticky situations that will inevitably arise for you as a business owner. Brand values help you determine if you’re keeping to the course that leads to your treasure, otherwise known as your business goals. Why Your Brand Values Matter There will be times during your outdoor business voyage when you have to make tough decisions. But when you have rock-solid brand values representing your business and what you stand for, you have the opportunity to make the right decisions as you navigate tough choices or encounter new situations. If you have to compromise one of your brand values to achieve a short-term gain or profit, you should hear internal alarm bells going off. Instead of making decisions that have short-term gains, your brand values serve as a guide map or compass to help you make decisions that benefit your brand and your customers in the long term. Not only do your brand values help you connect with and stay true to the brand promises that you made to your clients, your team members, and yourself as a business owner, but they are key to building a sustainable branding strategy that differentiates your outdoor business from the sea of others out there. How Your Brand Values Tie Into Your Brand Purpose Brand values help clarify what your brand is all about. They also articulate what your brand stands for –and as a purpose-driven business, your values should stand for something way beyond making a profit or even the products or services you offer. Your brand values should embody your brand purpose because it is the core of your outdoor business. We actually talk more in-depth about what a brand purpose statement is and why it matters in this blog post. But the important thing to know about your brand purpose is that it stems from your values. Or rather, your values lead you to your purpose. By now, you (should) know that your outdoor business is so much more than the products or services you offer and the money you make from them. According to a study by Accenture, 62% of US consumers want brands to take a stand on social issues like sustainability and fair employment practices. Like all brands in this day and age, your business needs to stand for a higher purpose –and your values not only help define what this higher purpose is but keep you on course to reach that higher purpose. If you’re interested in learning more about using your purpose-driven branding for business growth (with stats!), we have a post. An Example Of Tortuga Creative Studio’s Brand Values To help clarify brand values from brand purpose, we want to explain what Tortuga Creative Studio’s brand values are and how they inform how we do business to shape our brand. We came up with five core brand values that aid our decision-making process and help us develop a solid brand strategy that trickles into the WHY behind the Tortuga brand (brand purpose), the WHAT (brand vision), and the HOW (brand mission). Our five brand values are purpose, clarity, confidence, passion, and growth. Purpose We prioritize having a strong purpose beyond the profit we make by building meaning into everything we do. For example, we teach our audience about business and branding in the form of this brand values blog post, social posts, free resources, and our branding services. But our main under-the-surface goal is to teach you about brand values because your values lead to your purpose –and your purpose is everything. Clarity We value being clear, relatable, helpful, and relevant in our communications and messaging. We don’t want to lose people by using jargon and exclusive wording or phrases. Don’t get us wrong, we do love throwing in pirate and ocean references and puns when and where we can! Confidence We always strive for results that make others feel confident, empowered, and optimistic. Everything we do in our own business and in the work we conduct for our projects is meant to leave our customers and clients feeling confident in their brand. Not only do we want to feel confident in the choices we make as business owners, but we want our clients to feel confident in choosing us as their brand strategists and designers. Passion We take passion very seriously over here at Tortuga Creative Studios. We’re super passionate about Tortuga and the work we do for our clients. We’re passionate about ocean advocacy and protecting ocean wildlife. We’re passionate about sustainability and making changes that positively impact the planet. Most importantly, we’re passionate about working with outdoor businesses that are passionate about what they do. We revel in sharing the joy, spirit, and passion that our clients experience for their business. Growth We value growth in two capacities. The first is how our work allows our clients to grow their impact and do more good in the world, whether through growing their purpose or growing the positive ripple effect they have on the planet through their branding. Secondly, we value the personal and business growth we achieve as brand strategists each time we work on projects with purpose-driven outdoor brands like yours! Every project we work on inspires new ways of thinking and more industry knowledge that helps our current and future clients flourish. An Example Of How Tortuga’s Brand Values Lead To Our Brand Purpose By establishing those five core brand values, we built out a brand purpose that epitomized the WHY (brand purpose) behind Tortuga Creative Studio. You can see all five values woven into our brand purpose statement here: Tortuga’s Brand Purpose Statement We are dedicated to helping (1) purpose-driven outdoor business owners (2) clarify their path through branding so that they can (3) confidently (4) grow their business and increase their impact on the planet. We are committed to supporting life underwater by focusing on sea turtle conservation. We support our higher purpose through adopting sea turtles with every project and offsetting our plastic footprint each month. While we don’t explicitly call out our brand value (5) passion in our purpose statement, our messaging implies our passion for our purpose-driven clients and the opportunity we have to help them find brand clarity. In the second part of our brand purpose, we highlight our passion and commitment to supporting ocean advocacy, sea turtle conservation, and offsetting our plastic footprint through our branding work. You can see how solid brand values can flow into a strong brand purpose, further ensuring you have a solid foundation to build a sustainable and successful outdoor business. When you have a firm understanding of the beliefs and values that your brand stands for, you’ll inevitably have more clarity and confidence in every decision you make as you sail your brand forward towards business growth and success (read: a treasure chest full of positive impact). Ultimately, your brand values (along with your brand vision, mission, and purpose) help guide you in the direction you want to take your business and keep you on the path you’ve set a course on. This is the magic and beauty of your Brand’s Foundational Compass. If you don’t know what your brand values are or aren’t sure if the values you do have are serving your outdoor business, book a Brand Values Audit! Inside this 30-minute audit, we’ll deep dive into your brand values to uncover which ones are working (and optimize them further), which ones are not, or discover new values that better serve your brand.

  • Brand purpose statement explained & why it actually matters for your outdoor business

    The value of sustainable branding is as bottomless as the ocean –and it’s what will sail your purpose-driven outdoor business forward towards growth and success. But to get there, you need to have a strong brand foundation. We’re not talking about the logos, colour palettes, or mood boards you see above the surface of a brand (although they do have their place). We’re talking about the brand foundations lying underneath the visual elements commonly associated with branding. To build a rock-solid brand foundation for your business, you need to clarify your brand purpose, brand vision, brand mission, and brand values. Together, these four branding elements orient you and your brand toward the direction you want your brand to go – like a compass – which we collectively call your Brand Foundational Compass. The core guiding statement of your Brand Foundational Compass is your brand purpose. Your brand vision, mission, and values will flow more naturally if you are crystal clear on your brand purpose. Maybe you’re wondering why your brand purpose is so important and impactful for your purpose-driven outdoor business –we’ll tell you! The Impact Behind A Brand Purpose Statement Every outdoor business knows WHAT they do (they sell a product or a service), but many don’t understand WHY they do what they do beyond making a profit. Don’t get us wrong; your business, like ours, exists to make a profit. But making a profit isn’t enough anymore. Now, more than ever, brands are being held accountable for their actions and are expected to do so much more than fill up their treasure chests with booty (read: make a profit). Businesses are expected to make a positive impact in this world. An increasing number of stats back up why having a purpose is good for business growth, including a survey by Customer Thermometer which states that 13% of consumers would pay 31-50% more for products or services if they were under the impression that your business positively impacts the world. Do you know which branding element helps you clarify to yourself, your team, and your customers how and why you’re making an impact? Your brand purpose statement. You may be thinking that this is a pretty simple thing to craft. You might already have a brand purpose statement in your head that sounds something like this: "My purpose is to sell ______ to my customer who is ______. " But this isn't your purpose; this is your WHAT, or rather, a description of what it is you do. What Is Your Brand Purpose? Your brand purpose is the big WHY of your brand. WHY does your business exist? WHY did you start your business in the first place? WHY do you do what you do? WHY do you wake up excited to start your day? As you brainstorm this WHY, think beyond the goals you want your business to achieve because your brand purpose is so much bigger and deeper than any business goal you set for yourself or your team. Instead, think about the outcome you’ll achieve if you remain committed to your brand purpose. Describe what you plan to do and your overall vision for your business. Emphasize why you still get up every day and go to work feeling pumped and excited for what you do. Why will your purpose benefit the world, and why will it make people want to be a part of this disruptive new idea? What problem do you help your customers with? What global problem do you want to address? As you develop your brand purpose, focus on the people (either your internal team or your customers) and the emotional connection they have with your brand. Also, consider the feeling your customers get that makes them care about what you are selling and the larger impact your business has on the world. When you understand and clarify the WHY behind your outdoor business, you will build brand loyalty and inspire others to take positive action. Finally, similar to your brand’s vision (which we talk more about in this post), a brand purpose statement might be unattainable, but it still should be relevant and serve as a guide as you sail forward in your business. The Two Halves Of Brand Purpose As you craft your brand purpose, there are two halves –or rather, two different perspectives to consider. There is the business side, where you focus on the impact you want to have on your customers' lives, and there is the global side, where you focus on the impact you want your business to have on the world. These two perspectives are known as your business purpose and your higher purpose. What Is A Business Purpose Your business purpose is the practical and emotional value your customers receive through your product or service. It’s a problem you solve for your customers and why you started your business. Instead of focusing on the details of your offering, your business purpose should be about the impact you have on your audience's lives because this is what will increase the impact your business has on the planet. What Is A Higher Purpose Your higher purpose is the global cause or challenge that your business is willing to be an ambassador for. It goes beyond what your business does and focuses more on the bigger picture of how you want your business to positively impact something. Environmentally conscious outdoor businesses are, by nature, driven by a higher purpose. You might have even started your business to give back and positively impact the planet. Where many companies have to dig deep to find their higher purpose, yours probably comes built-in. Remember that as a sustainable outdoor business, you should consider both what you stand for on an environmental level and what you stand for when it comes to your customers. An Example Of Tortuga Creative Studio’s Brand Purpose To help you understand what we mean by having a brand purpose –and within that, a business purpose and higher purpose, we’re explaining Tortuga’s own brand purpose statement below. “We are dedicated to helping purpose-driven outdoor business owners clarify their path through branding so that they can confidently grow their business and increase their impact on the planet. (business purpose) “We are committed to supporting life underwater by focusing on sea turtle conservation and the ocean plastics crisis. We support our higher purpose through adopting sea turtles with every project and offsetting our plastic footprint each month. (higher purpose) You can see that we haven’t specified any goals inside our brand purpose. Instead, we’ve expanded on WHY we are in business: to help outdoor businesses find clarity through branding, to serve a higher purpose through sea turtle adoption, to offset our plastic footprint, to use our resources for the greater good We address the problems we see in the world and explain why and how we are participating in being a change for good through our work as brand designers. We believe that as purpose-driven brands, we can all be ambassadors for causes that inspire our clients and benefit the planet. How To Live Out Your Brand Purpose A lot of brand builders lightly touch on purpose and then move on, but here at Tortuga, we genuinely believe that if you want your business to have an impact, you need a steadfast brand purpose. Why? Because having a well-defined purpose at your core opens up endless opportunities for you (and your business) to live out your purpose every single day and inspire others to take their own positive action. For example, you can add an impact offset for every purchase, client signed, or income goal met. Here at Tortuga, we remove 5 pieces of plastic from the ocean through our membership with Greenspark for every Brand Purpose Workbook downloaded. We’ve also committed to donating 1% of our annual income to the Sea Turtle Conservancy & SeaSmart through our membership with 1% For The Planet. Finally, we adopt a sea turtle for every branding project we work on. Your purpose can come through in the tangible choices you make like the paper you print your brochures on, the vehicles you buy to transport your gear, and the sustainable or ethically sourced swag you purchase for your event. There are so many incredible ways to weave your brand purpose into your business. You just need to do the work and really clarify that purpose first –and then take the associated actions to make a positive difference. Find out how brand purpose can boost your business growth and impact Diving deep below the surface of your business and putting the time into understanding who you are and what motivates you as a brand will bring more clarity and confidence as you navigate your voyage towards business growth and increasing your impact. If you are looking to gain some clarity on your brand purpose, check out our Brand Purpose Workbook. In just two steps this workbook will help you polish your brand purpose in a way that will boost your business growth and help you make a difference in the world.

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  • Purpose Driven Branding for Outdoor Business | Tortuga Creative Studio

    Put your outdoor brand on the path to growth Purpose driven branding for sustainable businesses Book My Discovery Call Find clarity on your path Grow with confidence Increase your impact Not having a clear path forward is holding you back 01 | THE PROBLEM With business growth comes new, unexpected challenges. ​ Despite feeling confident in the route you’ve travelled for years, you’ve hit a growth plateau, and your path forward is no longer clear. ​ You know that levelling up your brand will help push your business further and get your team all on the same page, but branding feels overwhelming - like entering uncharted waters. You need to get clear on where you (and your brand) are headed so that you can grow and make waves with your business. START WITH OUR QUIZ 02 | THE SOLUTION Find clarity and confidence in your path through purpose driven branding Find clarity on your path Map out where you want your brand to go and what steps you need to take to get there Grow with confidence Take all the guesswork out of your brand and get your team all on the same page Increase your impact Build a business that makes waves with a brand driven by purpose I'm ready to get started We're here to help guide your brand down the right path Hi there, we’re Natalie and Brandyn - brand strategy experts, brand designers, and ocean enthusiasts. ​ We are no strangers to the peaks and valleys of owning and growing a business. Sometimes it’s just plain hard, and the only thing that will get you on the right path is the right guide and a new perspective. ​ That’s why we’re here! Armed with years of branding experience, familiarity with the outdoor industry, and a passion for supporting purpose driven businesses, we're here to help your brand make waves. 03 | THE GUIDE Learn More About us I absolutely feel that I have gained clarity as to next steps for my brand. I am able to see where my business is at now, what we are doing right and where the gaps are. I have never felt more understood. Blue Jellyfish StandUp Paddle Adventures Pam Martin Are you ready to set sail with your purpose driven brand? 04 | THE PLAN 01 STEP Orient yourself Figure out where you want to go and what you need to do to get there by booking a free brand discovery call 02 STEP Chart your course Discover the exact steps you need to take to move your brand forward with a brand map custom built just for you. 03 STEP Take to the Seas! Sail forward with clarity and confidence with an easy-to-use brand field guide. Values-driven branding supports conservation efforts in the Great Bear Rainforest View case study Our Clients Norm Hann Expeditions Parks Canada Branded on Purpose™ blog Jun 3 6 min Why really strong brand values are important for your outdoor business Behind every successful purpose-driven outdoor business are core brand values that guide brands toward their big goals and help them achieve May 27 6 min Brand purpose statement explained & why it actually matters for your outdoor business The value of sustainable branding is as bottomless as the ocean –and it’s what will sail your purpose-driven outdoor business forward... May 3 6 min The quick guide to really understanding your brand mission and brand vision Sustainable branding is an important foundational piece of any business, similar to how the ocean is the foundation of all life on the... 9 Sea turtles adopted for our clients & team 6,710 Plastic bottles removed from the oceans 54.24 Tonnes of carbon offset 3 Years 1% for the Planet Member 50 Mangrove Trees Planted 2 Corals Planted in French Polynesia Our impact: sea turtles & ocean plastics Just like you, we believe in using our business as a force for good. For us, being a force for good means supporting sea turtles and helping out with plastic pollution. Visit our sustainability page to learn more about our impact. Greenspark Earth Positive Business badge Snap Up a Simplified Guide to Growing Your Brand Do you feel like your outdoor adventure business is venturing into the unknown? Are you ready to chart your brand’s journey with an action plan that’s much easier to follow than a nautical map? Then it’s time for you to take the Brand Journey Quiz. Take the quiz now

  • Branding Experiences | Tortuga Creative Studio

    Bask in the sun, not the glow of your computer screen Custom Branding Experiences For Growing Outdoor Businesses EXPLORE BRANDING EXPERIENCES Whether you’re DIYing your brand and feeling lost about your typography choices or your business is booming and you’re ready to expand into branded collateral, our custom-tailored branding experiences are your map forward. So, if you’re ready for creative support, business growth, and not having to spend any more time redesigning your next social media post, then explore how we can work together to manage your brand. Impact bonus! Every large branding experience includes a sea turtle adoption on your behalf. Branding Experiences We Offer: Brand Strategy Strategic support to chart your brand’s course forward Brand Identity Design Professional and strategic visuals to create brand cohesiveness Brand Consulting Personalized brand consultation to answer all your questions Brand Marketing & Management Marketing, management, and creative support to grow your brand Website Branding & Development Custom website design to showcase your one-of-a-kind business INSTINCTS AT WORK "Tortuga Creative Studio completely NAILED our brand identity redesign! After struggling with marketing and rebranding over the last couple of years, it was refreshing to work with Natalie and Brandyn and finally get the brand identity we have been searching for. Tortuga listened to our story and developed a deep understanding and appreciation of what the core of our company identity is about. Their high level of understanding led them to design a brand strategy and identity that truly represents us in an authentic, meaningful, and absolutely beautiful way.” Penny Paucha We’d make a good team if… You’re purpose-driven You built your business to make a difference (we have that in common), and giving back to the planet is key to what you do. You care about the why and how You know there’s more to branding than beautiful designs and you’re ready to make decisions that are rooted in strategy. You’re looking for expert support You understand the value of having an outside opinion and professional guidance as your business grows. Brand Strategy Strategic Support to Chart Your Brand’s Course Forward Brand strategy is key to navigating business decisions, reaching your goals, and creating a cohesive and effective brand. With Brand Strategy Support, we’ll help you build a plan for your purpose-driven business. ​ Deliverables Together, we can create a clear path forward for your business by focusing in on: Brand foundations (mission, vision, values and purpose) Audience personas Competitor Audit and Analysis Positioning Strategy Brand Personas Messaging Framework Storytelling Framework Brand Strategy FAQs Brand Map An introductory strategy service for DIYers seeking more clarity around their brand. LEARN MORE Brand Field Guide An all-encompassing, comprehensive brand strategy and design service for businesses looking to make waves. LEARN MORE Custom Do you need specific help with your brand strategy? Book a Discovery Call so we can discuss your goals and create a custom plan for you. BOOK NOW Brand Identity Design Professional and Strategic Visuals to Create Brand Cohesiveness Building a professional and recognizable brand requires captivating and cohesive visuals. From logo creation to brand style guides, we offer a full range of Brand Identity Design services rooted in thoughtful creative strategy, ​ Deliverables Custom Brand Identity Design experiences include: Logo Design Typography Graphics Illustrations Infographics Image Guidelines Website Digital Collateral Physical Collateral Brand Style Guide Brand Identity Design FAQs Custom Pricing Since all our creative work is custom-made to your business, our prices are tailored to your project and needs. We’ll discuss timelines, budgets, and goals during our Discovery Call. BOOK A CALL Brand Guidance Personalized Brand Consultation to Answer All Your Questions Our 30-minute or 60-minute brand consultation calls are perfect for solopreneurs and young businesses who are DIYing their brands and crave an expert guide to answer all their branding and design questions. ​ Deliverables What we talk about in our Brand Guidance call is completely up to you. Topics could include (but are not limited to): Colour palettes Brand archetypes Website audit Brand strategy fundamentals Messaging frameworks Ideal client personas Logo refinement Brand Guidance FAQs 30 minutes - $80 A 30-minute Brand Guidance call with 30 minutes of email follow-up. BOOK NOW 60 minutes - $150 A 60-minute Brand Guidance call with 30 minutes of email follow-up. BOOK NOW Brand Mentoring For branding clients who need support in the launch and implementation of their new brand. Contact us for pricing. CONTACT US Brand Management Marketing, Management, and Creative Support To Grow Your Brand Managing your brand's growth after you've built it can be time-consuming. Whether you need help preparing a marketing strategy or designing graphics for social media, our Brand Management service is here for you. ​ Deliverables The Brand Management service is custom-tailored to your business needs but could be used for: Brand collateral (brochures, flyers, banners, bookmarks, and more) Marketing strategies Content calendars Social media graphics Email newsletters Ads or brief landing pages Blog content Marketing creative Copywriting support Brand Management FAQs $500 A 5-hour brand management package. Start with a consult and then use your hours however you'd like! BOOK NOW Custom Retainers If you've got a specific ongoing brand management need, custom monthly retainer options are available CONTACT US Website Design Custom Website Design to Showcase Your One-Of-A-Kind Business With a solid brand strategy and brand identity in hand, it's time to show the world what your business has to offer with a custom website design. We'll build you a website so that your business thrives and you can get back outside. ​ Deliverables From one-off landing pages to multi-page sites, we build websites tailored to your business. Every website design project includes: Website strategy and site map Website prototype and custom graphics Custom website on Wix or Webflow Domain connection or transfer Post-launch support Optional copywriting Website Design FAQs Custom Pricing Since your website is custom-made to your business, our prices are tailored to your project and needs. We’ll discuss timelines, budgets, and goals during our Discovery Call. BOOK A CALL PROMOSAURUS MARKETING “I loved my logo before, but some things weren't quite right about it, and I knew I needed an outside perspective to help me pull it all together. Although it was a bit nerve-wracking to let someone else take control of my branding, Natalie and Brandyn were super attentive and perceptive to my business. They crafted a brand identity that I love and helped me figure out how to visually express some key elements of my business in ways I hadn't even thought of!” Julianna Van Andrichem Navigate Your Business’s Future With Custom Branding Experiences Don’t see what you’re looking for? We love to take on custom branding and design projects at Tortuga Creative Studio. If you have a specific idea in mind, send us an email and we’ll do our best to support you and your business.

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