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A New Year and a New Direction for Tortuga!

A new year and a new direction for Tortuga!

From design to illustration to branding, our 7-year journey has taken us down many paths...

...but here, at the start of 2023, we're finally on a path that feels perfectly right.

So what are we doing this year that feels so good?

We're finally going all in on being ocean-focused and working exclusively with other ocean-focused entrepreneurs.

Our passion for the ocean has always been there, it's always been a core part of our brand, but we've taken the leap and are now committed to being 100% ocean-focused at all levels.

On top of that, we're moving away from doing hands-on graphic design work and switching to identifying as brand consultants. Why?

Because we can really let our creativity shine through consulting, AND we have the opportunity to help people, businesses, and the oceans on a much deeper level than we could as designers.

We're not saying goodbye to design, we're just letting all the knowledge and skills we've gained as designers evolve into a new set of design thinking and brand innovation skills that we're using to amplify our positive ocean impact AND that of other entrepreneurs.

Our mantra for the year?