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4 Things Every Outdoor Business Should Avoid Doing With Their Brand Values

The outdoor industry has a very unique opportunity to help people forge deep relationships and deep connections with nature. The products, services and experiences that the industry offers are powerful opportunities to inspire people to want to preserve the places and environments in which they’ve had meaningful, life-changing experiences. There are many ways outdoor brands help build bonds between people and nature, but one of the simplest and often overlooked ways to do this is by developing solid brand values, owning them, and weaving them through the very fabric of your brand.

A 2021 Stackla study shows that 88 percent of consumers say that authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands they like and support. When you own what your brand stands for and cares about (aka your brand values), you’re better able to increase your impact and make a difference by being authentic and having integrity with your values.

Brand values are powerful tools for purpose-driven outdoor businesses when defined and used effectively.

Whether it’s environmental stewardship, ecosystem preservation, wildlife conservation, outdoor recreation, or something else, values can be strategically woven into outdoor brands to inspire their audiences and create a positive environmental impact.

But if you want your values to make a difference, it’s essential to know the 4 things every outdoor business should avoid doing with their brand values.

When you know how to appropriately use (and how NOT to use) brand values within your purpose-driven outdoor business, you can avoid the pitfalls we see so many businesses fall into and take advantage of the huge opportunities that brand values can offer.

1 - Don't choose generic values

What do we mean by generic values? Generic values are values that every business should automatically have or practice internally and externally.

Avoid choosing standard values that should already be a part of your outdoor business.