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Three important vision statement characteristics to help your ocean-focused business stand out

These three essential characteristics of a vision statement will help your ocean-focused business stand out (and secure funding, intrigue investors, and open up collaboration opportunities...)

😴 Vision statements have a bit of an unsavory reputation...

They're one of those things that checks a box and are often created quickly without too much thought to their future value.

However, because your vision statement exists at the core of your business and reflects your company, a well-considered one can open up doors, while a poorly-crafted one can shut them.

To help your vision statement open doors, make sure that it is:

1. Inspirational

An inspirational vision statement will fire people up - yourself included. Anyone reading it will feel the passion that led you to start your company.

It will motivate your team internally (thereby improving team culture through alignment to a common cause) and get potential collaborators excited about the opportunity to support you.

There's nothing less inspiring than a cold and generic vision statement that relies on unintelligible corporate language, so keep your vision statement enthusiastic, relatable and unique to your company's story.

2. Aspirational

Working in the ocean industry means you're trying to grow a business and working towards a better future for the oceans and humanity.

You have a strong purpose driving your company; your vision statement should reflect the world you want to see.

An aspirational vision statement will show potential collaborators that you're a solid investment, committed to doing whatever it takes.

To build out an aspirational vision statement, focus on the specific things you want to achieve in the future and the results from this achievement. Think big, bold and world-changing.

3. Clear

A clear vision statement focuses on the most essential thing your ocean-focused company wants to achieve - no fluff and non-nonsense.

Staying clear, simple and narrowly focused allows your vision statement to serve as a compass for internal decision-making and potential collaborators to see if they align with your direction.

When it's clear exactly where you're going, you'll be able to get everyone on the same page about what decisions, opportunities and partnerships are right and which are wrong.


In summary, give your vision statement more credit.

It might not seem like a hugely important piece of your ocean-focused business, but paying attention to it and putting the time into crafting something inspirational, aspirational, and clear can be the difference between securing that next partnership opportunity and not.

In our highly competitive world, you've got to take any opportunity that you can get to stand out and show how you're different.

Your vision statement is an incredible yet often overlooked opportunity to do just this.


Is your vision statement inspirational, aspirational and clear? If it needs some help, book a discovery call with us and let's get your vision on the right track.



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