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New Brand Identity for the Ocean Knowledge Action Network

The most impactful designs don't only look good on the surface; they stand for something more profound. They tell a story, communicate a message, and set the stage for growth.

Take the new Ocean Knowledge Action Network logo we designed last month.

Ready to grow and increase their positive ocean impact, Linwood Pendleton and Stella Alexandroff of the Ocean KAN realized their need for a more professional and impactful brand identity.

They were looking for something that would successfully represent their mission of "The coming together of global & diverse groups of people to co-design science for a sustainable ocean, " be easy to recognize and give their members a strong sense of identity.

The Ocean KAN proposed a design contest to find their new identity and invited the creative world to submit their concepts.

Seeing the opportunity to support a values-aligned organization in its ocean-positive mission while increasing our visibility within the ocean community we'd recently become official members of, Tortuga answered the call and put our 7.5 years of experience in strategic creative services to work.

Our goal? To successfully capture what the Ocean KAN represents and create an identity that would serve a dual purpose: supporting the organization's growth and helping increase its positive ocean impact.

Thanks to our ability to tell an impactful story with our designs, our experience in portraying complex ideas through simple visuals and our shared love for the ocean, Tortuga's design was selected as the winner.

Now, the Ocean KAN has a brand identity that truly represents its mission, is unique and easy to recognize, and is something all its members can be proud to be associated with.

On top of that, the design communicates to a broader audience a strong message about Ocean KAN and their belief that a better future depends upon global collaboration and harmony between humanity and the oceans.

With this identity, the stage is set for the Ocean KAN to reach further, grow stronger and achieve more.


To see everything incorporated in the new Ocean KAN logo, take a look below:

// The Squoval

The squoval (square + oval) shape from the original Ocean KAN logo was retained but modified for the new identity, allowing for some continuity with the original brand and smoothing the transition into the new.

// Diversity

At the centre of the design are two human figures swimming together, reaching toward each and representing knowledge sharing, co-design, diversity and a global, inclusive approach.

// Ocean

The ocean elements of the logo design represent the four coastal habitats that sustain ocean life and mitigate climate change, as well as two crucial areas of ocean science & sustainability - blue carbon and the high seas.


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