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How to increase your visibility by defining a narrow target audience

"I feel like I'm competing with so many similar companies..."

"How will I ever be able to stand out in the crowd enough to secure the investment I need?"

Does this sound familiar?

It does to us! We’ve certainly been there before... in fact, we spent the last seven years there (the struggle is real!)

But, after seven years of striving to stand out with minimal success, we finally figured out how to change things.

The key?

Go all in on niching down and defining a small target audience you care about passionately and can serve better than anyone else.

For us, these are all you amazing ocean-focused business owners out there who need branding support to grow and do more for the ocean.

Another great example is Emily Charry Tissier of Whale Seeker, who's using her AI technology to focus specifically on detecting marine mammals through imagery.

Or Kira Coley, who scoped down her freelance science writing business to specifically help ocean scientists communicate and tell their stories in a way that connects meaningfully with non-scientists.

The key to differentiation is committing to as narrow a niche as is realistic for you.

Why? Because when you speak to everyone, you speak to no one. But when you speak directly to a small and specific group of people and offer them something that no one else can offer, they will choose you every time.

So, don't be afraid to be specific. To think narrowly. To speak to fewer people, but in doing so, to be more relevant to them.

If you niche...they will come.


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