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How Can Self-Care Help Your Personal Life, Business, and The Ocean?

Have you noticed the message of self-care is everywhere!? Whether it’s going for a walk, eating healthy, taking a bath, watching the newest Netflix show without guilt, or journaling, the concept is simple: take care of yourself.

There is even an International Self--Care Foundation that outlines 7 Pillars of Self-Care and how to implement them into your life.

Not only does practicing self-care allow us to build a rock-solid foundation for our personal health, but it also allows us to help others more sustainably.

Remember the flight attendant’s announcement before the airplane takes off? They always tell passengers to put their oxygen masks on before helping others because you can’t help anyone if you’re depleted of oxygen.

The same thing happens in our daily lives. Just swap out oxygen with energy or patience or whatever else that gets depleted when you’re exhausted.

Here’s what happens when you prioritize self-care (no matter what self-care practice you choose to partake in) every day:

  • When you spend some time on you, you become better at helping others.

  • When you take a break, you become more creative, productive, and connected to your goals.

  • When you're mentally and physically healthy, you're happier and can achieve more of what matters to you.

Self-Care For Your Ocean-Focused Purpose-Driven Business

Self-care is super important to you as an individual but does practicing self-care also help your purpose-driven business? We think so!

Here’s what we mean: if you spend time caring for your business and nurturing it so it thrives, your business will become better at helping the oceans.

When you take time to focus on self-care for your business, whether it’s dedicating a day every week to learning or letting go of doing every little thing yourself, you open yourself up to be more creative, productive, and connected to what you love to do.

For example, instead of being present on five different social media channels, focus on one or two so you can share high-quality content rather than using all of your energy to post on multiple channels at multiple times throughout the week.

All of this can contribute to a healthier business. And a healthy business doesn’t need you to constantly manage it, allowing you even more time to practice that ever-important self-care. A healthy business also means you have more time and energy to take care of the oceans. When you’ve reclaimed time from cutting down your social media channels from 5 to 2, you can put it towards thinking about your next great ocean-focused initiative!

Do you see the cycle that can happen when you implement more self-care into your life and your business? Just like when you take time for personal self-care, nurturing your business will naturally create a more significant impact on your community and the oceans you care for.

Spend Time On Self-Care

The overarching message here? Spend some time every day on self-care. Self-care for yourself, yes, but also self-care for your business.

Make sure what you’re doing in your business is working for you and that you’re happy with the direction you’re going. Try doing fewer things. Revisit your goals or step back from client work so you can work on your business instead of in your business.

If you want to take better care of others, you must put yourself first. If you're going to take better care of the oceans, you must put your business first. Your business is your vessel for change - nurture it, and your impact will thrive.


Take care of your business by booking a free discovery call with us. Find out how we can help take the weight off your shoulders and some of the to-dos off your list.

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