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We love making a difference.

And we love using branding and art to help ecopreneurs grow and make a difference for themselves and our planet.

a sea turtle swimming in clear ocean water

Who we are.

Tortuga Creative Studio is a Canadian-based graphic design studio that specializes in brand identity design and illustration for ecopreneurs and small businesses. We transform brands from ordinary to impactful through brand strategy, logo design, web design, print materials and custom illustration and use creativity, artistry and captivating visuals to help businesses and organizations share their messages, connect with their audiences and make a difference in the world. Through green graphic design practices and as members of the 1% for the Planet community, we are dedicated to protecting our oceans and planet and to helping tell the stories of those who strive to do the same.

Natalie, owner, lead designer of Tortuga Creative Studio, impactful business owner

Natalie Gilson

Owner, Brand Strategist

Hello! I'm Natalie - ocean lover, passionate artist and impactful business owner. I am the holder of a History in Art and Anthropology degree from the University of Victoria as well as a diploma in Graphic Design from CD-ED. When I’m not at my stand-up desk designing amazing things for our incredible clients, I can be found cleaning up the beach, hiking, paddling and enjoying the outdoors with my family.

Brandyn Hansen, lead design, scetch and hand lettering artist.

Brandyn Hansen

Brand Strategist

Hey! I'm Brandyn, the sketch artist, illustrator and design partner behind Tortuga Creative Studio. I graduated from CD-ED with president's list status and a diploma in Graphic Design. I have worked as the lead designer of Tortuga Creative Studio on projects for Parks Canada, Wayne Gretzky Estates Winery, Peller Estates, nationwide marketing campaigns, other small businesses and non-profits. I enjoy skimboarding, hiking and exploring the great outdoors. Everything I do is with passion and I can't wait to collaborate with you on yours!

picking up trash, plastic bottle on the beach, offseting carbon and plastic footprint.

Making our difference.

Just like you, we believe in using our business as a force for good. We are driven to have an impact by helping purposeful businesses like yours succeed, by raising awareness through our art and through better business practices. As members of 1% for the Planet we are committed to giving back by donating 1% of our annual income to the Sea Turtle Conservancy. We are also certified Green Designers and offset our carbon and plastic footprint monthly through Greenspark.

Bathtubs worth of plastic removed from the ocean
Tonnes of CO2 Offset
Months Earth Positive
we support
1% For the Planet logo
Health Oceans, Healthy People logoSea Turtle Conservancy Logo
Wild4Whales logo

Our ocean and earth conscious efforts.

We know that no-one is perfect but we truly believe that if everyone takes small actions every day, they will add up to big change. Some of the small actions that we take daily as a business are:

the sun on the sea waves

We pledge 1% of our income every year to the Sea Turtle Conservancy through our membership with 1% for the planet.

Sea waves

We offset 2.8 tonnes of CO2 every month through our subscription with Get Mads.

Sea graphics

We prevent 200 bottles from entering the ocean every month by offsetting our plastic footprint through Get Mads and the Plastic Bank.

Smooth waves

We commit to continually learning more about sustainability,  how to be better green designers and how to share our knowledge and passion for the oceans and environment with our clients.

Abstract waves

We retain the right to turn down any client or project that has a known negative impact on the oceans or the earth.

Sea water

We use our community and our art to spread and share messages about the earth and environment.

Graphic sea wave

We consider the finishes, paper stocks and printers that we use for our projects and search for the best sustainable options for our clients and ourselves.

Abstract ocean graphics

We try to make plastic-free, non-harmful choices for day-to-day things in our personal lives whenever possible.

Health of our planet

We take responsibility for the health of our planet by participating and initiating beach cleanups, picking up trash and educating the next generation.

a baby turtle on a clean sandy beach goes from its nest into the water
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