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Tortuga Creative Studio Media Kit 

On this page, you'll find graphics and key messages that you can use to spread the word about Tortuga and the programs that we're offering for ocean-focused entrepreneurs.


Feel free to combine graphics with content in whatever way best suits you and your audience best and add your voice to the talking points below. 

If you'd like a custom graphic or message, please let us know!

Thank you so much for sharing our mission of supporting the oceans by building up the businesses of those who strive to do the same. 🌊

Shareable Graphics

Download our shareable graphics for general Tortuga Creative Studio information or to pass along details about our ocean-focused brand innovation programs -  Arribada and Turn the Tide.


All downloads are ZIP files and contain multiple graphic options for different platforms.

Tortuga logo files.

Tortuga Logo Files

Tortuga posts.

Tortuga Posts

Arribada posts.

Arribada Posts

Tortuga posts.

Tortuga Posts

Tortuga posts.

Tortuga Posts

Turn the Tide posts.

Turn the Tide Posts

Talking Points

Tortuga Summary

Tortuga Creative Studio helps passionate ocean-focused entrepreneurs leverage their brands to build resilient businesses that do more for our oceans.


Through a one-of-a-kind approach based on the perspective that business growth + positive ocean impact = a better future, Tortuga combines brand consulting, creativity and ocean-forward thinking to innovate solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing us as business owners and ocean lovers.

Problem & Solution Statement

Are you doing enough to help the oceans?

Could you do more?

Maybe a more significant ocean impact is something you want to have, but you feel you need stability in your business first.

Or, you feel really strongly about your ocean impact, but your business isn’t strong enough to support you full-time, so you end up working other odd jobs that take time away from the ocean.

The truth is, if you focus too much on business growth, you lose opportunities for positive ocean impact or, worse, have a negative impact.

On the other hand, if you focus too much on increasing your impact, your business may not be able to support the life you need, and your impact will be limited by the resources you have available...

...but what if you didn’t need to choose between ocean impact and business growth?

What if incorporating more ocean impact didn't pose a risk to your business and growing your business didn’t threaten the oceans?

Imagine what the future would look like if your business and ocean impact were symbiotic and worked together to grow, support and nurture each other.

Like the sea turtle and remora, building a symbiotic relationship between business and impact is how you can create a better future for yourself and for the oceans.

Our friends at Tortuga Creative Studio can help you do just that...

[Insert whatever information you feel is relevant to your audience from the other talking points above :)]


Program Tagline:

Overcome your biggest challenge to supercharge your business and boost your positive ocean impact.



Arribada is a 7-day group innovation sprint that brings passionate ocean-focused entrepreneurs together to discover what’s possible when ocean impact and business work together.

Through Arribada, you'll identify your biggest business and ocean impact challenges, innovate with a multidisciplinary group to turn them into opportunities, and build a plan to bring your innovations to life in a way that's good for business and the oceans.

Turn the Tide

Program Tagline:

Leverage your brand to increase your positive ocean impact and strengthen your business in 30 days.


Turn the Tide™, is a 30-day consulting, innovation and design thinking program where ocean-focused companies and their teams have the guidance and support they need to dive fully into doing as much to help the oceans as possible while growing a successful business.


In Turn the Tide, you'll work 1-on-1 with a team of ocean-focused brand consultants to identify your business's biggest opportunity areas, innovate with your team to create inspiring solutions, and build an action plan to bring your innovations to life in a way that's good for business and the oceans.

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