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Turn the Tide™

Leverage your brand to increase your positive ocean impact and strengthen your business in 30 days.

Through strategic thinking, guided brand innovation, balanced planning and supportive coaching, Turn the Tide™ helps ocean-focused entrepreneurs leverage their brands to increase their positive ocean impact and strengthen their businesses in only 30 days.

Are you doing enough to help the oceans?

You've belonged to the oceans for as long as you can remember. Your favourite childhood memories are surrounded by water, and you've always felt that the paths you walk in life end up, one way or another, at the ocean. The oceans are the focal point even as you build up your business.

But the oceans are in trouble and need your support more than ever. Although you want to be part of the solution, and your business gives you a platform to do so, are you doing enough for the oceans? Could you do more?

Maybe a more significant ocean impact is something you want your company to have, but you feel you need stability in your business first.

Or, you feel really strongly about your ocean impact, but your business isn’t strong enough to support you full-time, so you end up working other odd jobs that take time away from the ocean.

The truth is, if you focus too much on business growth, you lose opportunities for positive ocean impact or, worse, have a negative impact.

On the other hand, if you focus too much on increasing your impact, your business may not be able to support the life you need, and your impact will be limited by the resources you have available...

...but what if you didn’t need to choose between ocean impact and business growth?

What if incorporating more ocean impact didn't pose a risk to your business and growing your business didn’t threaten the oceans?

Imagine what the future would look like if your business and ocean impact were symbiotic and worked together to grow, support and nurture each other.

Like the sea turtle and remora, building a symbiotic relationship between business and impact is how you’ll Turn the Tide™.

Norm Hann of Norm Hann Expeditions.


"Sustainability and protecting our oceans brings value to our environment and to the clients who paddle with us..."
"I have to thank Tortuga Creative Studio for taking my business to the next level of sustainability with a focus on protecting and conserving our oceans. Tortuga has sourced numerous print and marketing materials for us that are not as harmful to our oceans as traditional methods, and they connected me with a sustainable apparel company whose aim is to protect our oceans. Sustainability and protecting our oceans bring value to our environment and to the clients who paddle with us. With Tortuga's help, we continue to lead the way in our industry with a commitment to conservation, and together we will look for more ways to have less impact on these special places we paddle in." 

Norm Hann

Hey, we're Natalie and Brandyn...

Brand Changemakers and passionate ocean-focused business owners ourselves, we're no strangers to the ebbs and flows of owning and growing a business. Sometimes it's just plain hard, and adding positive ocean impact into the equation makes everything more challenging.

This is why we developed The Remora Approach™ - a simple and strategic way of building brands that allow positive ocean impact and business growth to work in a symbiotic relationship where they support, nurture and empower each other.

Supported by years of branding experience, a passion for helping businesses grow, and the pursuit of a better future for our oceans, we’re bringing The Remora Approach™ to ocean-focused entrepreneurs worldwide through our flagship program, Turn the Tide™.


Turn the Tide™ is a 30-day coaching, innovation and design thinking program where ocean-focused entrepreneurs and their teams have the guidance, space and support they need to dive fully into their dream of doing as much to help the oceans as possible while growing a successful business.

Through Turn the Tide™, you will:

Uncover your untapped potential

Discover business and ocean impact opportunities within your brand that you didn’t know existed.

Create solutions that work for you

Lean into innovative ideas that meet your business and impact goals in the short and long term.

Strengthen your business AND your impact

Instead of choosing between one or the other, create a symbiotic brand system.

Bring your ideas to life

Walk away with a plan to take immediate and long-term action for your business and ocean impact.

Feel more optimistic about your ocean impact

Stop feeling like you’re not doing enough. Use where your business is today to take immediate action on behalf of the oceans.

Align your team to a common purpose

Involve your team in innovating new ideas, giving them ownership and increasing alignment to common business and ocean impact goals.

Dive into a global community

Gain connections and recommendations for complementary ocean-focused entrepreneurs around the globe.

The 3 Phases of Turn the Tide™

 Over the course of 30 days, you and your team will work directly with our ocean-focused brand consultants through the 3 phases of the Turn the Tide program. Each phase is designed to give you all the 1-on-1 support and guidance you need to identify and overcome challenges in a way that is both positive for your business and for the oceans. 

Phase 1 - Investigate

In Phase 1, you'll dive deep into the challenges you're facing in your business and learn the tools and frameworks you need to turn these challenges into opportunities that are good for business and for the oceans.

Phase 3 - Implement

In the final phase of Turn the Tide, we'll work with the ideas that came out of phase 2 to help you build an action plan for the next year that will grow your business and supercharge your positive ocean impact. We will also dive into our database of ocean-focused entrepreneurs to make recommendations for connections and potential collaborators.

Phase 2 - Innovate

In Phase 2, you and your team will participate in an innovation workshop where we'll work together to create innovative solutions to the challenges and opportunities we identified during your brand audit.

Learn The Remora Approach™ to balancing business and impact.

Audit your business to uncover challenges and reframe them into opportunities.

Participate in a problem-framing workshop.

Empower yourself with the tools, frameworks and ways of thinking you need to understand and overcome challenges.

Benefit from team-based innovation.

Create inspiring ideas that excite you and your team.

Align your team to a common cause and boost your team culture.

Learn how to apply The Remora Approach™ to ensure all your ideas are business and ocean impact positive.

Receive a database with all your workshop ideas and a template for planning and prioritizing.

Get a custom-built action plan for bringing your favourite idea to life.

Take your ideas further through recommendations to connect with other ocean-focused entrepreneurs.

Continue to be supported through one follow-up coaching call and a 3-month check-in.

Pam Martin of Blue Jellyfish SUP Adventures.


"There is so much to consider in the branding process, but weaving ocean impact throughout helps us to see who we are and why we do what we do."
“I loved how you guys wove the ocean consistently throughout the workshop and follow-up materials. There is so much to consider in the branding process, but weaving ocean impact throughout helps us to see who we are and why we do what we do. It also brought to the forefront for me that my team is as dedicated to building our business as I am and that ocean impact is valuable to them personally as well as professionally.”

Pam Martin

What's included in Turn the Tide

Video training in The Remora Approach for your entire team.

An expert audit of your brand conducted by our team of ocean-focused brand consultants

​A suite of problem framing and design thinking tools specifically for ocean-focused businesses. 

1 problem framing workshop for your leadership team to uncover your greatest opportunity areas

1 brand innovation and design thinking workshop with your entire team to generate creative and exciting new ideas within your opportunity areas

An ideas database to document all of the ideas from your workshop

Planning tools & frameworks to help bring your ideas to life

A custom, full-scope action plan for 1 of your top ideas.

Access to our ocean-focused entrepreneur database.

Live access to our ocean-focused brand consultants for the duration of the program.

Regular meetings and video meet collaboration sessions.

Follow-up consulting sessions for your leadership team - 1 week and 1 month after completing the program. 

Turn the Tide™ Impact

No program of ours would be complete without some built-in ocean impact!
With each enrollment in Turn the Tide, we will:

Adopt a sea turtle for your business

When you sign up for Turn the Tide™, we will adopt one sea turtle through the Sea Turtle Conservancy on behalf of your business.

Offset plastic for your team

For every team member who participates in the workshop portion of your Turn the Tide™ program, we will offset 50 plastic bottles through our membership with Greenspark.

Donate 1% for the Oceans 

Through our 1% for the Planet membership, we will donate 1% of sales from every Turn the Tide™ program to ocean-focused organizations.

1% for the Planet certification badge
Certified green graphic designer badge
We use less plastic certification badge
Only One.

Is Turn the Tide™ right for you?

Our flagship program, Turn the Tide™, is built especially for ocean-focused entrepreneurs ready to take their business and impact to the next level.

All participants in Turn the Tide™ must apply to the program and book a discovery call with us before being accepted. This helps us to ensure that the program and its methodology are the right fit for you and your needs. 


It’s time to Turn the Tide™

Grow your business and supercharge your positive ocean impact.

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