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Brand purpose for sustainable business
October 11, 2021

Brand Purpose for Environmentally Conscious Businesses

Higher & internal brand purpose

When we talk about brand purpose, we are not simply referring to why your business exists from the perspective of your business. Brand purpose is two-fold and contains:

  1. Your internal brand purpose (a.k.a your business purpose): The practical and emotional value that your customers receive through your product or service.
  2. Your higher purpose: The global cause or challenge that your business is willing to be an ambassador for.

Don't lose sight of your business purpose

Environmentally conscious businesses are, by nature, driven by a higher purpose. Many of us even start our businesses because we want to give back and positively impact the planet. Where many companies have to dig deep to find their higher purpose, ours comes built-in.

But as business owners driven by a higher purpose, it can be easy to lose sight of our businesses purpose and the importance of  growth. The reality is that unless you set out to start a non-profit, you began your business because you have many things to consider, such as a family to take care of, a lifestyle to support, a community to build. To create the life you need and boost the impact you want to have, you need to find a sustainable balance between your higher and business purpose and you need to grow.

To grow, you need to establish and keep your business purpose at the front of your mind because it expresses the value your product or service provides to your customers. Delivering value to your customers is what will turn them into long-term brand advocates who will repeatedly purchase from and recommend you. If you place too much emphasis on your higher purpose and not enough on the value you bring to your customers, you may find that you have a loyal audience who aligns with your higher purpose, but your business itself experiences little growth.

How to keep your brand purpose in balance

How do we, as inspired, purpose-driven business owners, make sure that we do not lose sight of the business side of our businesses?

Before you make a business decision, stop and consider both your business and your higher purpose. Ask yourself if your decision supports both halves of your brand purpose (if you are unsure what the two halves of your brand purpose are, check out our Brand Purpose Workbook to dig deeper and gain some clarity). We recommend that you print your internal and higher purpose out and pin them to your wall so that you can refer to them often when making decisions.

Keep your business purpose front and centre in your messaging. Your messaging should first communicate the value you bring to your customers, with your higher purpose as an undercurrent that runs beneath.

Remember, your higher purpose is crucial to your business: It is a differentiator, a means of putting the planet above profit, and a thread that connects you on a deeper level with your audiences. But your higher purpose should not come at the expense of your business and your customers.  

Increasing the impact you can have on the planet requires you to grow, and growth requires you to connect and add value to your customers.

Dive deep, clarify and balance your  brand purpose

If you are looking to gain some clarity into your brand purpose, check out our Brand Purpose Workbook. This workbook will guide you through two steps and a series of questions to help you dive deeper, clarify and balance the two halves of your purpose so your business can grow while your impact thrives. 

As Jacquie, from InterpActive says,

“I gained so many valuable business insights from digging into my purpose. It really makes me think beyond what the tangible services that I offer are and go deep into why my clients want to work with me. My mind is blown and this is just the first step in the brand strategy process.”
Brand Purpose Workbook mockup on the sand

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