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Natalie Gilson

Founder, Ocean-focused Brand Consultant

I’m Natalie. An artist, strategist, small business owner, and mother of two. I’m driven by all things water and ocean. As a standup paddler, scuba diver, swimmer, and surfer, I’m passionate about protecting our precious sea. I’ve also spent my whole life immersed in nature, with two outdoors oriented parents and a childhood spent on a conservation area in the Alberta foothills, so my love of getting outside and doing activities in nature is boundless. I'm stoked to meet you and to work on making a difference together.


Bachelor of Fine Arts in History in Art & Anthropology

Diploma in Graphic Design

Favourite Things

Ocean Animals: Sea Turtles, manta rays, humpback whales and nudibranches!

Water Sports: Paddle boarding, surfing, diving and snorkeling

Places to Visit: Hawaii, Costa Rica & Europe

Fun Fact

Before I started Tortuga, I had an entire first career as an archaeologist. During that time, I did underwater archaeology on a Roman shipwreck in Spain, helped excavate a basilica in Spain, and spent a couple of seasons unearthing mummies in a temple complex on the coast of Peru.

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