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7 Solid Examples Of Brand Values For Purpose-Driven Outdoor Businesses

Brand values are a big deal. Why? Because values not only identify why the brand exists but highlight what matters most. Strong brand values also ensure everyone on your team (including you!) shares a higher purpose and works towards a common goal.

Outdoor businesses are uniquely positioned to use their brand values as a tool to create a ripple of impact and ignite the change they want to see in the world –-aka their Higher Purpose.

We’ve seen too many outdoor companies use their brand values inefficiently, incorrectly, or not at all. But the outdoor industry has a huge potential to make a difference for the planet, which is why we’re using this blog post to share tangible examples of rock-solid brand values that are currently used by outdoor and sustainable brands from Tortuga’s own client roster.

We’re highlighting 7 unique examples of outdoor brand values that are driven by purpose, rooted in impact, and have an environmental concern at their core.

1. Connection - Norm Hann Expeditions

“We always seek deeper relationships to the wilderness, others and ourselves that promote growth and transformation.”

Outdoor brands are uniquely positioned to introduce and solidify the connection between people and the natural world and inspire the protection of the Earth’s beautiful outdoor spaces.

As more and more of the global population moves to urban areas, humanity is starting to lose its direct connection to nature, to the ocean, and to wild spaces.

That’s why Norm Hann Expeditions brings connection to the forefront of its brand by offering unique paddleboard experiences that aim to change their paddler’s perspectives on the relationships between themselves and nature.

When you have a profound experience while in the natural world – like on a paddleboarding expedition through the Great Bear Rainforest – the connection between your self and nature is developed and nurtured. When this happens, the inspiration to protect these outdoor spaces expands exponentially.

2. Joyful Adventure - Blue Jellyfish SUP Adventures

“Pursue opportunities to foster awe, find magic in the every day and open our eyes to the wider world.”

Blue Jellyfish SUP Adventure’s value of Joyful Adventure is about connection to the world, but it’s also about capturing moments of childhood delight through experiences you didn’t even know were possible and adventures that make you so excited that you can’t wait to go back for more.

There is a big opportunity for outdoor brands to find the magic and awe that connects people with these outdoor experiences in a magical, childlike way. For example, on a paddle boarding tour, you might expect to enjoy the coastal scenery but you might not expect to see a raft of playful sea lions swimming around you.

Not only can this unique moment with nature bring back that childhood passion and curiosity for the natural world, but it can encourage people to rediscover their love for the outdoors and inspire the desire to take care of the environment that provides these joyful adventures.

3. Interactive - InterpActive

“Getting people involved in nature in an immersive, interactive way to inspire its protection.”

InterpActive trains interpretive guides to deliver experiences that encourage people to get involved with the outdoors, history, and others. By encouraging interaction between people and place, InterpActive is helping people learn and develop a love for nature and outdoor spaces, which can organically inspire protection for these places.

For example, instead of standing up on a podium and talking to people about bears, InterpActive uses its interactive value to get people immersed and engaged in an outdoor topic to encourage a deeper connection.

This interaction could include having a real bear pelt for visitors to touch, encouraging them to ask questions or tell stories about bear safety, playing games involving bear facts and trivia, providing entertaining education, or setting up a craft station all involving bears!

4. Inclusivity - Bawah Beachwear

“Swimwear that is stylish, sporty and full coverage so that anyone can enjoy the beach and water sports.”

Bawah Beachwear’s value of inclusivity works specifically to create a different set of ideas around swimwear by advocating for ALL women –including those who wear hijabs or burquas –to comfortably and confidently participate in outdoor water sports.

Embracing diversity and actively working to create an inclusive, accessible outdoor industry is the direction the world is heading (and we’re here for it!), and outdoor brands can set themselves apart by getting on board.

Businesses within the outdoor industry have a unique platform from which to encourage higher outdoor participation by creating brands that are inclusive, respectful, and welcoming to all types of outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.

5. Education - NatureWeb.com

“Our audience values the natural world, nature’s beauty, and learning about its complexity.”

There is a preconceived notion that the outdoor industry is about educating people about various topics related to the outdoors, but there are a lot of outdoor brands that don’t actually teach anything.

A brand that values education opens up opportunities to 1) help people master a particular outdoor sport or skill (like mountain biking or camping) and 2) educate people about the environments they are going into to deepen the connection between people and nature further.

For example, a mountain biking company that doesn’t value education might just give you a bike, tell you to go up the mountain, and bring the bike back before closing –without any educational component involved.

Not only could this be a liability, but it misses a huge opportunity for outdoor brands to use education as a tool to build a relationship between people (both newcomers and seasoned outdoorists) and their brand and people and the great outdoors.

6. Hope - Promosaurus

“Building being ‘hopeful’ into your brand means that your brand looks on the bright side of things. Instead of reporting the potential for something bad to happen, what if you reported the good?”

For the purpose-driven outdoor brands out in the wild, hope is a huge thing. According to Johns Hopkins, “hope and positivity help people make better health and life decisions and focus more on long-term goals.” There is power behind positive thinking.

Unfortunately, when there is a choice between the negative and positive, too many brands opt for the negative route because it has a higher shock factor and, thus, a higher conversion.

If your outdoor brand wants to provide outdoor recreation or goods to an audience that wants to get outside, it should probably take a more positive and hopeful approach.

Outdoor brands can have a greater impact by sending a positive or hopeful message to their audience and giving people something they can do to make a positive difference in the great outdoors they want to experience.

And let’s face it, it’s refreshing (and motivating) to see the hopeful and positive side of things instead of constantly being bombarded with negatives.

For example, instead of focusing on the plastic pollution on beaches and how harmful it is to marine life (negative), encourage people to pick up ten pieces of litter every time they visit a beach so they can participate in the removal of a certain amount of ocean plastic throughout the year (positive).

7. Purpose - Tortuga Creative Studio

“Belief in having a purpose and being guided by a purpose is critical to who we are, what we do, and who we work with.”

We couldn’t talk about brand values without providing an example of our own! Especially when it comes to the value of purpose, which means so much to us as business owners and as brand specialists who work with purpose-driven outdoor brands.

We believe every business should have a purpose that benefits people or planet because, really, if you don’t have a purpose (beyond making a profit), what are you doing?

A purpose-driven outdoor business shouldn’t use the outdoors as a commodity. Instead, they should serve as the middle man between nature and their clients.

Outdoor brands have a unique position to connect people with nature and inspire its protection, and not tapping into this is a missed opportunity for the brand and for the planet.

An outdoor brand shouldn’t host tours or adventures that adversely affect nature or wildlife. They should treat nature with the respect and admiration is rightly deserves and build a business around this concept.

Doesn’t it behoove the outdoor brand to be purpose-driven so they can protect the places that give them the business that drives them forward towards their goals? We certainly think so.


As an outdoor brand, how can you build some of these values (or other values) into your business? What can you do to increase the opportunities for immersion and interaction between your clients? How can you inspire a lasting connection between people and nature? How can you be more inclusive with your products or services?

Brand values are incredibly powerful tools to help your purpose-driven outdoor brand not only stand out but stand proud. Use your values to inspire and encourage positive impacts on the environment. Not only will it help your brand succeed, but it will benefit your people and the planet, too.

Not sure if your brand is making the most of its values? Book a brand map with us and find out!