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Kvas Fine Beverage Co.: Brand Identity Design & Packaging

The problem.

Niagara-based startup, Kvas Fine Beverage Co. came to us looking for a brand identity that would position the brand as authentic, approachable and truly Canadian. Kvas Fine Beverage Co's mission is to create syrups and other cocktail inclusions that can make anyone feel like a bartender, so it was important that their brand identity successfully position them within the world of food and beverage yet also be something people can connect with and relate to. In addition to brand identity design, Kvas Fine Beverage Co. needed label designs for their syrups that had a clean and craft-inspired vibe.

Our solution.

After a brand strategy session to learn about their business, audience, and goals, we built a brand identity for Kvas Beverage Co. that they fell in love with. The logo that we designed accurately captured their craft feel, the simplicity of their product, and the integrity of their business which positioned them as a real player in the competitive food and beverage industry in Niagara. We applied the same look & feel of their brand identity into their label designs as well, creating labels that stand out on shelves, and are both approachable and appealing.

The result.

Kvas Fine Beverage Co. has enjoyed a great deal of success since their launch, having their products appear in various stores and even on TV. They have gained a loyal following and been able to consistently release new syrups and products. Kvas Fine Beverage Co. has a delicious and product and a very authentic approach to the work that they do that we were able to capture and reflect in their brand identity and label designs. We have also support Kvas Fine Beverage Co. with various other marketing materials including sales brochures and recipe card templates built in Canva that they can manage themselves.

Photos courtesy of Kvas Fine Beverage Co.

client testimonial

"They worked with us to not only understand our brand, but our mission and vision of the company."

"We have worked with Tortuga from the beginning of our company. They worked with us to not only understand our brand, but our mission and vision of the company. The needs of our company are always met and always in good timing. Natalie and Brandyn are excellent in their work, along with communication, making them very easy to work with. I would highly recommend Tortuga to any client."

Amy Kvas
Kvas Fine Beverage Co. Incorporated

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