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InterpActive: Book Layout Design & Illustration

The problem.

InterpActive owner Jacquie Gilson came to us looking to have her first book "Inspired to Inspire", designed and laid out to be eye-catching and creative. Jacquie asked us to create a brand identity for the book that would bring her field-changing work to life while being impactful and inspiring to those who read it. Our job was to deliver all of her research and ideas clearly and thoughtfully through bright and interactive design.

Our solution.

After reading the manuscript and understanding how insightful and motivating Jacquie is in her field, we built an illustrated brand identity for her book that is bright, engaging and unique. This illustrated approach to the book allowed us to create colourful characters who speak to the readers, infographics that convert complex ideas into memorable visuals, and an engaging layout that brings opportunities for the reader to interact with the book through symbols and questions - much like a field journal. 

The result.

Since the launch of 'Inspired to Inspire'  in January 2021, we have had heard many readers speak of the success of the books content and the impact of its layout. The interactive nature of the book and the illustrated layout and infographics give readers the opportunity to connect with the content on a deeper level and have allowed the book to share its knowledge in a more impactful way. The success of Inspired to Inspire and its creative, interactive content has also led Jacquie to experience an increase in interest in her webinars, coaching and other services.

client testimonial

"they presented my ideas in ways that were inspirational to readers..."

"Tortuga worked alongside me from day one to produce my beautiful book on inspiration. They had many creative ideas to make the book interactive and presented my ideas in ways that were inspirational to readers and that clearly represented me and my work. Tortuga developed a number of beautiful info graphics to portray complex concepts simply and elegantly.

I love how it turned out and so do my readers! One group of them immediately set up a book club to go through the book, using the embedded sticky notes and prompting questions as their focal point!"

Jacquie Gilson
InterpActive - Inspired to Inspire

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