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Edmonton Therapeutic Massage: Brand Identity Design & Web Design

The problem.

When Edmonton Therapeutic Massage first approached us, they were looking to build a website for their massage practice, dedicated to residential school survivors and those recovering from domestic violence. Because of the work they do, Edmonton Therapeutic Massage needed a website and brand identity that demonstrates their caring and considerate nature but also the strength and resilience of the people that they help. We first worked with Edmonton Therapeutic Massage on a website, but later developed a broader brand identity for them, including logo design, Canva based social media templates and a blog for their website.

Our solution.

One of the biggest creative challenges that we encountered with the design of a brand identity for Edmonton Therapeutic Massage was navigating the line between the strength and resilience of their client base and the caring and approachable feel of the massage practice. After spending time with Edmonton Therapeutic Massage, we created a brand identity for them that uses mandalas to represent holistic healing and succulents that naturally mirror the mandalas yet represent strength and resilience in the face of difficulty. We also supported the notions of care, healing, strength and resilience with a colour palette that is strong and determined, yet also approachable and welcoming.

The result.

Over the past few years, we have built up a strong, successful and impactful brand identity for Edmonton Therapeutic Massage that is supportive of the incredible work they do. One of the greatest successes of this project has been providing Edmonton Therapeutic Massage with a brand identity that they have the ability to manage themselves. As Edmonton Therapeutic Massage is a small business who needs to internally manage much of their own marketing and brand materials, we have ensured that their Webflow website and blog is easy for them to use and update. We also set them up to manage their social media while still staying true to their brand identity by using custom templates that we built into Canva.

client testimonial

"Tortuga captured our vision and helped us start gaining visibility..."

"We have been working with Tortuga Creative Studio since the start of Edmonton Therapeutic Massage. As we deal with women who are recovering from sexual violence we needed a gentle and caring approach to our branding that also shows the strength and resilience of the women we help. Over the last couple of years Tortuga has worked successfully with us and designed us a brand identity, website and other marketing tools that accurately captured our vision and has helped us to start gaining visibility.  They have always been flexible and understanding as we have worked piece by piece to build up our brand and we will continue to work with them as we grow."

Cynthia Geria Ganga
Edmonton Therapeutic Massage

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