Build a business that makes waves and gets you back outside with a brand rooted in strategy

Strategic brand design that charts a course for your growing outdoor business


Imagine running a business where unplugging is your way of connecting and growing

You started your purpose-driven outdoor business because it’s in your nature to connect with the planet.


Your drive to help others create intimate, life-long connections to the outdoors means you thrive when organizing multi-day paddleboard trips, guiding wilderness expeditions, or finding the perfect backpack for someone’s first camping trip. 

But right now, you’re wasting more time redoing your website design, reworking your offers, or second-guessing your business decisions than actually enjoying the great outdoors. 


Whether something in your brand just isn’t clicking or your team is growing and you wish you could transfer your big vision directly from your brain to theirs…

Our Brand Field Guide is the answer. 

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Our Signature Brand Design Service

The Brand Field Guide is a comprehensive and complete guide to your brand. 

Using a strategy-driven approach, the Brand Field Guide pinpoints your brand's who, what, where, when, why, and how. It takes all the guesswork out of what your brand should do, say, and look like so your business can make waves.


The radiant pearl inside the shell?


Once you’ve built your brand strategy, you’re free to disconnect from your glowing computer screen and instead bask in the glow of the sun.

Build a brand In your off-season so you can grow all-year-round

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Here’s What Your Brand Field Guide Does For You...

Lightens the weight of big business decisions by breaking your brand strategy into pebble-sized puzzle pieces you know fit together.

Answers all your brand strategy questions like who your target audience is, what makes you stand out from your competitors, your visual direction, and your unique brand story.

Maps out a brand plan for your business so you can make the most of your off-season and get a jumpstart on your busy season.

Cranks up your confidence since your business has a clear vision, purpose, and guidelines you can communicate effectively.

Gives you the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to grow a business aligned to your values.

Strategic brand design is for you if...

Your business is your passion and you are dedicated to making a difference, but you feel stuck and can't move beyond your growth plateau.

You DIYed your brand but realize it doesn’t match the elevated, professional experience you offer. You fear your inconsistent messaging and visuals are stunting your growth.

You struggle to share your big vision with new team members. You crave clear and consistent communication across your entire company.

You believe in a planet over profit business model. You strive to make business choices that do good and make a positive impact on the world around you.

and last but not least, 

You might pull your hair out if you have to spend another sunny day staring at your computer screen instead of kayaking and exploring.


Strategic brand design for outdoor enthusiasts
done by outdoor enthusiasts

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"Before working with Tortuga Creative Studio, there were loose ends with my brand. My business had grown and I needed to bring everything together so our messaging was consistent.


My partnership with Tortuga has laid out an effective brand strategy, field guide, and messaging for my business, and helped me find clarity in our brand. The work we did together and accomplished was invaluable to where our brand has come from, where we are at now, and where we are headed in the future.”

Norm Hann

Here’s How Our Signature Brand Design Service Works

We take a strategy-first approach to all Brand Field Guides. 


What does that mean?

It means your personalized Brand Field Guide is rooted in your values, goals, target audience, and unique brand position. 


It means your visuals aren’t cookie-cutter logos and designs but are custom-tailored to your business.


It means you walk, swim, or paddle away with a clear brand strategy roadmap that guides you in achieving your business goals,

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4 Week Intensive

the perfect short-term project for the off-season



8 Week Journey

the perfect ongoing project for any season



Get To Know Each Other

You fill out a client application and tell us all about your business. Then we hop on a free Discovery Call to go over details, timelines, and goals.



Brand Strategy and Positioning

First up - crafting your brand strategy. We’ll dive deep into what drives your brand, your target audience’s needs, and what makes you stand out in a saturated market.



Brand Persona and Messaging

After getting clear on your brand strategy, we’ll focus on authentic and effective communication by building your brand persona, core messages, and brand story.



Brand Identity and Field Guide

Stunning visuals wrap up our time together. With your branding strategy in mind, we'll design your logo, colour palette, and graphics before combining them all into your custom field guide.



Take To the Seas!

With your comprehensive Brand Field Guide in hand, it’s time for you to watch your business soar. Don’t worry, we’ll still be here to support you with ongoing brand management, website design, or other brand design services.

What's included in your brand field guide?

Continuous Communication

To answer any branding and business questions

An initial kick-off call

Monthly planning call

Monthly feedback call

Brand identity presentation call

Regular messaging

and emails

Custom Branded Field Guide

(PDF and printed) to nurture and guide your growing business 

Custom brand strategy

Brand foundations

Brand positioning

Brand personality

Core messages and brand story

Brand Identity Package

To create a cohesive and unforgettable brand

Logo variations

Colour palette


Supporting graphics

Imagery guidelines

Impact bonus! When you book a brand field guide, we adopt 2 sea turtles on behalf of your brand


How do we know that strategic brand design works? We did it ourselves!

Hi there, we’re Natalie and Brandyn - brand strategy experts, brand designers, and ocean enthusiasts.


After launching Tortuga Creative Studio over six years ago, we experienced every business hurdle you can imagine. We chased leads, took on a range of projects, and built up mountains of experience developing brand strategy for our clients.


But we were burning out working with businesses whose values didn't align with ours.

Last year, we came to a crossroads...

We could continue unhappily accepting profitable projects that didn’t align with our mission.


Or we could pivot and pursue those clients we are passionate about. 


Clients like you who love the outdoors, who want to make a difference, and who crave expert advice from like-minded outdoor specialists. 


So we transformed and rebranded our business using our strategic brand design process. Through that process, we gained mind-blowing insights into our purpose and path, our differentiating factor, and how to connect with clients. 


And within six months we became known as a purpose-driven branding studio for outdoor businesses. 


That brand strategy process is what we want to bring to you.

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Design a Strategic Brand
and Discover Your Path Forward

FAQs about strategic brand design and the brand field guide

Not Ready To Invest In a
Brand Field Guide Yet?

Then Our Brand Map is For You

The Brand Map is our introductory brand design service for businesses that are still in the DIY phases of growth or are seeking a strong understanding of where their brand currently stands.