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October 5, 2021

What is Brand Purpose?

The value of branding is immeasurable. But branding is not simply about your logo or the visuals you see above the surface, it is about the experience that lies underneath all of those visuals.

Diving deep below the surface of your business and putting the time into understanding who you are as a brand and why your customers should care about you, is a journey that clarifies the path you are on and builds up confidence in your businesses future while supporting your growth. And who doesn't want a little business clarity, confidence and growth?

The first step on your brand journey is understanding and clarifying your brand purpose.

You may be thinking that this is a pretty simple first step. In fact, you might already have a business purpose in your head that sounds something like this:

"My purpose is to sell ______ to my customer who is ______. "

But this isn't your purpose, this is your what (a.k.a. a description of what it is you do).

So what is your brand purpose?

In a nutshell, your brand purpose is:

  • the reason you started your business and still get up and come to work every day,
  • the feeling your customers get that makes them care about what you are selling and,
  • the larger impact your business has on the world.

Yes, your business exists to make a profit, but making a profit is not enough in our modern world where brands are held accountable and expected to do much more than make money. If your business is able to align itself with an authentic purpose that your customers also care about, it's much more likely to succeed. If the business side of your brain needs definitive proof of the value of brand purpose, consider the following:

  • Brands with an active and authentic purpose outperformed the stock market by 206%, as reported by Havas Media Group in a study performed from 2006-2016.
  • Businesses with a purpose aligned with their audience can expect to see increased market share, ROI and growth, as demonstrated through an abundance of data in 'The Business Case for Purpose' by The Harvard Business Review's publication. (Stats courtesy of Stephan Houraghan and Brand Master Academy)

As an environmentally conscious business you already stand for more than simply profit, but a successful brand considers what they stand for on an environmental level and what they stand for when it comes to their customers. Your brand purpose is two-fold and includes:

  1. Your internal brand purpose: The practical and emotional value that your customers receive through your product or service. Your internal brand purpose is not about you or the details of your offering; it is about the impact you have on your audience's lives.
  2. Your higher purpose: The global cause or challenge that your business is willing to be an ambassador for. Your higher purpose is likely already clear to you, but make sure that it's something your audience also cares about.

Branding is a journey that will take time, but focusing first on your why - why you started your business, why your audience should care, and why your business exists within a global context, is your first solid step.

If you are looking to gain some clarity into your brand purpose, consider a Brand Purpose Discovery Session with us. This 30 minute session is FREE this month and is the perfect opportunity for you to talk through your brand purpose with us and come out the other side with  clarity and confidence that you are on the right path. As Jacquie, one of our branding clients says,

“I gained so many valuable business insights from this short session and wrote down so many notes. It really makes me think beyond what the tangible services that I offer are and go deep into why my clients want to work with me. My mind is blown and this is just the first step in the brand strategy process.”

Ready to dive deep and uncover your brand purpose? Book you Brand Purpose Discovery Session now:

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