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September 29, 2021

Take Your Brand on a Journey

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Think of some of the most memorable and impactful journeys you have been on in your life. Maybe this was your journey through school, a journey you took to a beautiful, wild destination or starting your business. Our guess is that the journeys that have stuck with you the most are the ones that didn't happen overnight. They are the journeys that you had to work hard to be on, the ones that challenged you, helped you grow and brought you to the other side as a strong person.

Building a brand is a journey, and it doesn't happen overnight.  If you expect it to or if anyone tells you that it can, you will be disappointed with the results.

A brand takes commitment; it takes time to get it right. It takes dedication to understand who you are as a business, the unique purpose that drives you, who you are selling to and competing against. It takes time to uncover what will make you stand out in the crowd of small business owners and time to understand your brand's personality and how it communicates with others.

We get it. We have been on this journey ourselves for the last five years. We jumped in and started a business with no idea what we were doing, other than the knowledge that we were graphic designers who wanted to do art for a living. Since then, we have evolved; we have learned what we really want to do and who we want to do it for. We have discovered that we are not meant to be just designers. We are brand coaches and strategists who creatively breathe life and build meaning into the brands of sustainable small businesses. We have uncovered that our purpose - the reason we get up and come to work every day - is to empower these purpose-driven businesses with impactful, personable brands and to use our work to give back to what matters most to us - the oceans. We have travelled many different paths but finally found that the one we know is ours with 100% certainty.

Finding the right path for you will likely take time. You might be like us, with a business that is a few years old that has never had the right direction until now,  you may be outgrowing your old brand, or you may have a business with many great directions, but you are not sure how to organize them all under a single identity. No matter where you are or how many paths you have travelled already, remember that what you experience and learn on the journey is always worth it.

You don't have to be on your branding journey alone, either. We are here to help. Whether you need to talk through which path is right for your brand, pivot your brand strategy to go down a new path, or consolidate your growing business under a cohesive brand identity, we are here to be your guide. We have been there and been through it all, and now that we are unmistakably on our right path, we are excited to guide small business owners like you on their branding journeys.

If you are ready to confidently travel down the right path for you and your business, we are here to take the journey with you. Book a free brand discovery call with us and tune in to our sustainable brand journey series to learn more about the value of branding for sustainable small businesses on Instagram and our blog.

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