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June 7, 2021

3 Simple Visual Tips to Instantly Boost Your Brand Image

Three simple visual tips to instantly boost your brand image. 

Did you know that our brains absorb information from visuals 60,000 times faster than from the written word?

You looked at the brain drawing up top first, didn't you? There is a reason for the old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words. The power of visuals is indisputable and has been proven time and time again. If you don't believe us, just think of how often you scroll through social media looking only at the images...!

Although you might think that you need to be an artist, designer or other creative to make great use of visuals, there are actually many simple ways that you can harness the tremendous power of imagery. In this blog, we share some easy-to-implement visual tips from the design world that you can start using right away.

The 3 simple tips below will instantly boost your brand image by helping your content become:

Tip #1: Simplify your messages with icons

See the icons that we added up above? Was your eye drawn to them? Did they help you to understand what we were trying to say? Icons are super popular and with good reason! If you have a lot of content in lists (such as services or features), you might want to consider replacing your bullet points with icons. Icons allow you to quickly communicate your messages and give your audiences the ability to scan for the information that is the most important to them. Using icons also increases the chance that your messages will even be seen! Think about this: if our brains absorb information from visuals 60,000x faster than the written word, then doesn't it make sense that by providing icons alongside your written lists, it is more likely that your content will be seen by your audience? As long as your icons relate to your content (we don't recommend using a sun icon to explain your night-time yoga classes), using them will really help your messages make sense and engage with your audience.

Tip #2: Visualize your text 

Wait a minute... didn't we just tell you that visuals are 60,000x faster for our brains to absorb than text? So why is tip #2 focused on talking about text? Not all content can be broken down into lists or accompanied by icons, illustrations, photos or other visual elements. So what DO you do when you have lots of text in an extended format, such as a blog post or informative page of your website? Well, you can visualize your text! Or, as we like to say in the design world, you add header styles. Adding header styles means breaking up your text into bite-sized chunks that you separate with visually different titles and subtitles. Header styles do a fantastic job at transforming your content from one big scary block to scannable sections that are easy for your audiences to understand. Header styles may not be as snazzy as icons, but they will undoubtedly help make your content much more visible and valuable!

Tip #3: Connect with imagery

Our final tip for instantly boosting your brand image is to add some human-focused photos. Photography is a fantastic tool for helping your brand connect and engage with your audiences. If your business is on social media, you already know how powerful the right photos can be! When it comes to selecting photography that will make an instant impact, use images of people, especially smiling ones, because it is practically impossible not to feel happy when we look at other happy people. We are hard-wired to connect with images of other people, and any brand that makes good use of them will instantly humanize itself and open up the door for a deeper connection and better engagement. Not to mention the fact that the right photo can communicate to your audiences what your business is about 60,000x faster than the entire introductory paragraph of your website!

Bringing it all together

You can now see that making use of visuals to instantly boost your brand image doesn't have to be complicated or overwhelming.

By applying what you have learned in this blog about icons, header styles and human-focused photography, you will be able to make your messages easier to understand, more valuable to your audiences and more engaging.

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