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Your future is in the ocean. The oceans future is in your hands. 

We help ocean-focused entrepreneurs leverage their brands to amplify their positive ocean impact and grow strong, sustainable businesses.


Business Growth + Positive Ocean Impact
= A Better Future

Make waves with your business

We help passionate ocean-focused entrepreneurs leverage their brands to build resilient businesses that do more for our oceans. Through our one-of-a-kind programs, we combine brand consulting and ocean-forward thinking to innovate solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing us as business owners and ocean lovers. 

Our Flagship Programs

Turn the Tide

Brand & Ocean Impact Innovation Program 

Leverage your brand to increase your positive ocean impact and strengthen your business in 30 days.


Brand & Ocean Impact Group Workshop

Overcome your biggest challenge to supercharge your business and boost your positive ocean impact.

Hey, we're Natalie
and Brandyn

Brand Changemakers and passionate ocean-focused business owners ourselves, we're no strangers to the ebbs and flows of owning and growing a business. Sometimes it's just plain hard, and adding positive ocean impact into the equation makes everything more challenging.

This is why we developed The Remora Approach™ - a simple and strategic way of building brands that allow positive ocean impact and business growth to work in a symbiotic relationship where they support, nurture and empower each other.

Supported by years of branding experience, a passion for helping businesses grow, and the pursuit of a better future for our oceans, we’re bringing The Remora Approach™ to ocean-focused entrepreneurs worldwide through our flagship programs.

I absolutely feel that I have gained clarity as to next steps for my brand. I am able to see where my business is at now, what we are doing right and where the gaps are. I have never felt more understood.

Blue Jellyfish StandUp Paddle Adventures

Pam Martin


Business Growth

Build a sustainable and resilient business that's strong enough to support your dreams.


Ocean Impact

Take care of the oceans by amplifying your positive ocean impact.


A Better Future

Create the future you want and the one the ocean needs. 

Helping sea turtles & removing ocean plastics


Sea turtles adopted for our clients & team


Plastic bottles removed from the oceans


Tonnes of carbon offset

4 Years

1% for the Planet Member


Mangrove Trees Planted


Corals Planted in French Polynesia


Ready to amplify your positive ocean impact and grow a strong, sustainable business?

Our Blog

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