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Your future is in the ocean. The oceans future is in your hands. 

We use creativity to help ocean-focused entrepreneurs leverage their brands to amplify their positive ocean impact and grow strong, sustainable businesses.


Business Growth + Positive Ocean Impact
= A Better Future

Make waves with your business

We help passionate ocean-focused entrepreneurs leverage their brands to build resilient businesses that do more for our oceans. Through our one-of-a-kind programs and consulting services, we combine brand consulting and ocean-forward thinking to innovate solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing business owners and ocean lovers. 

Norm Hann of Norm Hann Expeditions.


"Sustainability and protecting our oceans brings value to our environment and to the clients who paddle with us..."
"I have to thank Tortuga Creative Studio for taking my business to the next level of sustainability with a focus on protecting and conserving our oceans. Tortuga has sourced numerous print and marketing materials for us that are not as harmful to our oceans as traditional methods, and they connected me with a sustainable apparel company whose aim is to protect our oceans. Sustainability and protecting our oceans bring value to our environment and to the clients who paddle with us. With Tortuga's help, we continue to lead the way in our industry with a commitment to conservation, and together we will look for more ways to have less impact on these special places we paddle in." 

Norm Hann

Our Flagship Programs


Brand & Ocean Impact Group Program

Overcome your biggest challenge to supercharge your business and boost your positive ocean impact.

Hey, we're Natalie
and Brandyn

Brand Changemakers and passionate ocean-focused business owners ourselves, we're no strangers to the ebbs and flows of owning and growing a business. Sometimes it's just plain hard, and adding positive ocean impact into the equation makes everything more challenging.

This is why we developed The Remora Approach™ - a simple and strategic way of building brands that allow positive ocean impact and business growth to work in a symbiotic relationship where they support, nurture and empower each other.

Supported by years of branding experience, a passion for helping businesses grow, and the pursuit of a better future for our oceans, we’re bringing The Remora Approach™ to ocean-focused entrepreneurs worldwide through our flagship programs.

I absolutely feel that I have gained clarity as to next steps for my brand. I am able to see where my business is at now, what we are doing right and where the gaps are. I have never felt more understood.

Blue Jellyfish StandUp Paddle Adventures

Pam Martin


Business Growth

Build a sustainable and resilient business that's strong enough to support your dreams.


Ocean Impact

Take care of the oceans by amplifying your positive ocean impact.


A Better Future

Create the future you want and the one the ocean needs. 

Helping sea turtles & removing ocean plastics


Sea turtles adopted for our clients & team


Plastic bottles removed from the oceans


Tonnes of carbon offset

5 Years

1% for the Planet Member


Mangrove Trees Planted


Corals Planted in French Polynesia


Ready to amplify your positive ocean impact and grow a strong, sustainable business?



"If you have a business and you're passionate about the ocean, you won't regret taking the time to ideate and innovate with Tortuga. Guaranteed you'll come away with cool ideas to make your business even more aligned with your love of our beautiful blue planet.

Estelle Hakner

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